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 Manual for new members

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PostSubject: Manual for new members   Tue Jun 09, 2009 3:57 pm

Welcome new members of Blind Faith RPG4 forums! I'm Draken and i'm the creator of the Blind Faith RPG4. Give thanks to Manami Amaterasu for creating the forum and keeping BFR alive. If you are a new user and you do not know how to use the forum, here's the guide how. Thankyou for your cooperation. Now the manual is below this message.
Manual of Blind Faith RPG

-Home page-
When you sign up or sign in, you are sent to the forums. The "Forums" part in the menu bar is the home page link to browse you to the forums. On the home page you'll see a chat box and our message board/forum with everything else. Either talk in the chat box with us or post some comments/messages on our forums.
When you see the home page, there's the chat box. In the chat box, you may interact with other users. No inappropriate things and please follow the rules.
Nothing essential with this but a good tool to find the topics you need to find.
-Memberslist and usergroups-
They are both on the top menu and memberlist is where you can see all the people that have joined the forum. You can also see how much messages they posted. Usergroups are groups in which people can make. Feel free to join a group you want! Just be a pending member and eventually the group leader will get to you..xD
Click profile. In there, you'll see tabs:
Information - Change your username or password. You may also fill out your gender(male/female) and birthday. There'll be also some optional blurbs about you that you may fill out such as "Location" or "Hobbies". Also you may fill out your contact fields such as "AIM address" or what not.
Preferences - Any account settings that you'll need to change such as "Recieve PM's or "Allow signatures in posts" and stuff.
Signature - This is a fun thing to do. This is a block of text that can be added to posts you make. There is a 500 character limit. Also, to activate this, you'll need to go to preferences and check - allow signatures in posts.
Avatar - Your picture that will represent your account. No inappropriate pictures.
Topic is Watched - This is where you watch topics for replies and stuff. If you really enjoy a topic like a chat thread, you may click on "Watch this topic" so it'll inform you about new replies.
-PM box-
The Pming system is there at the top menu where you can send private messages to people.
More questions to be asked: If you admins have anything to post up here please edit this topic for me and put more stuff to this..

If you new members have any questions please post your messages in the Question & answer topic.
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Manual for new members
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