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 Basic Site Rules

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PostSubject: Basic Site Rules   Tue Jun 16, 2009 12:21 pm

Users must follow these rules listed below. More reference about any rule is below so that users may understand the specific rules of it.
  • No Spamming(see below)
  • Respect all authority(admins&mods) and other users
    - NO SAYING EPIC FAIL/PHAIL, etc. it's mean and it sounds really noobish. Nobody likes to be called an epic fail.
  • This is a free style rpg, so dont say our role playing sucks. You dont tell us how to role play.
  • If you want to be in the staff, you dont call us, we call you.
  • No Harrasment(see below)
  • If you change your characters name, your old character has died and you must make a completely new character, starting at Academy Student.
  • If your characters dies, as in is defeated in battle with no health or chakra, then you must have a whole new character, new profile and everything, and your character will start out one rank lower (ex: kage dies-new character jounin or jounin dies-new character chuunin)
  • If you are banned, it cannot be revoked from valid proof. Whining, or going around the bans will extend the your account's ban time.

Harassment, Trolling, or otherwise pestering a user is most obviously not allowed, bans will be granted after written complaints sent by PM to moderators / administrators by the user involved. Valid proof must be submitted to warrant the ban.

Sufficient proof consists of:

  • Posting images that have contents of another user's privacy
  • Annoying a user in any way
  • Being a generic pervert
  • Starting open fires/huge arguments

The chatbox and the forums are suppose to be a user friendly area where the players can exchange opinions, information and ideas. Therefore the staff of BFR4 would like to keep it an enjoyable environment. Posts that spam the the cbox or message boards , will be deleted/cleared on sight and the poster shall be warned at a maximum of two times. If the offender fails to comply, they are liable to receive a day long ban. Repeated offenders can expect a ban of two days and a consecutive tavern bans.

    Posts that are also considered spam, contain:
  • Excessive caps.
  • l33k talk
  • Pointless information posted
  • Repetition of advertisements
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Basic Site Rules
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